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           "MIGHTY"  Dog Weight Pulling Harness


                                                     "CRUNCHIE"  Owned by Angela Bruner

  "Mighty" dog competiton weight pulling harnesses are not new.. this harness has been around almost 18 years now. The sport of weight pulling has also been going on along time, I saw it first in 1989, but it has never been this popular. It is really spreading all over the country lately. As it should be. It is not just fun but a great way to get your dog in shape and keep him there. Walking is as you know one of the best forms of exercise so what could be better than walking your dog with weight added. Though make sure you have a good pulling harness that was designed for this purpose. Please do not try doing this using just a collar or regular walking harness. You could easily injure your dog. Putting aside the fact that it is physically good for your dog, anything that gives you and them more personal time together is a plus. This dog sport is definetly worth trying. Give it a try.


                          The ONLY harness  anywhere that  has a 

                                    "CHEST PLATE"  

                                  100 %  GUARANTEE

                                          "My harnesses will NOT break!  
   But they do get chewed up sometimes and I will fix them for FREE! you need only pay the shipping. If you are unhappy with your harness I will replace it. If the harness does not fit I will make you one that will....My customers are very important to me and I believe that you are always right. I will make every effort to satisfy you with  your purchase....                         
                                                  Thank  you,
Brenda Shelby            

    Mighty Harness is a one of a kind weight pulling harness. It is designed to pull a maximum amount of weight combining several design features. First, the chest plate allows your dog to put their head down and forward for maximum performance. Second, the chest plate design provides a larger area that is needed for the absorption of the force being exerted by your dog. You will not find another weight pulling harness with the chest plate design.
   A good anaolgy to explain the difference between a chest plate and no chest plate is to imagine yourself trying to push a car forward with your hands only in the middle of the car. The force of your efforts are centered and the result of power and movement is much less. However, if you spread out your hands and push against both sides of the car, the force of your efforts are wider and the result of power and movement is much greater. Hence, a much wider area, that can absorb more force, making it easier on the dog. 
   Equally important to force is balance. Therefore, each harness is individually tested for a center draft, which ensures that each strap is working with the dog during the pull.
   In addition to design, durability and strength have been considered. Other weight pulling harness makers use other kinds of webbing which are not as strong or durable. For example, I use a 2" wide seat belt webbing, which is tested and approved at 2350 lbs. per linear yard. Seat belt webbing is the strongest webbing that you can get.  It is alot more expensive and very hard to find. There are not very many weight pulling harnesses made out of it. I would not use anything else but seat belt webbing. How can you have the strongest weight pulling harnesses if you don't start with the best materials? We also have a 1" webbing, for the smaller dogs, that was approved at 1100 lbs. per linear yard.
   Each Mighty Harness weight pulling harness is hand made so every harness is an ORIGINAL. Please feel free to request any features that you feel would enhance your custom pulling harness.

 Designed by Pullers for Pullers....
    This has been the slogan for Mighty Harness weight pulling harnesses every since the company was created. Gary and Dustie Godwin, being devoted pullers theirselves, came up with this one of a kind weight pulling harness  design. They were not happy with the ones that were available at that time. That was almost 20 years ago now. Dustie had always been good at sewing, so they set out to make a harness that would work better for them. By trial and error and using their own A/A pull dogs, they designed a heavy duty, competition quality weight pulling harness. Before they knew it other people were wanting them too. Always eager for competition, Gary and Dustie decided to make these weight pulling harnesses and sell them as a hobby. Soon they were bringing them to weight pulling events and their chest plate design of weight pulling harnesses have been used for over 18 years now.
    This is where I come in.   I bought my first ADBA Pit Bull from them. His name was Duke. He was the best dog I had ever had. He was my best friend for 14 years. We stayed in contact through the years. Gary helped me alot learning about this breed.I had always had big dogs but I think it's safe to say that Pit Bulls are different. I love them... but everybody should not own them. I live close to them, so I was around their house all the time so as Dustie and Gary's careers took more and more of their time, I started helping Dustie sew them. So when they decided to quit making them I jumped at the chance to take over the business. I made my first weight pulling harness at my house in January of 2000. They have supported me 100% since I took over Mighty Harness. I will never be able to thank them enough. I have been very lucky to end up where I am. I love making weight pulling harnesses. I enjoy talking and being around dog people. And I take pride in making the strongest, most unique weight pulling harness out there. They are just as tough and dependable as our dogs are. Try one of them, I know you will like them. I usually size them just right through the mail and if it doesn't fit... I will make you one that will.


                                                                          Give your dog
                                                                          "THE EDGE!!"


                         ENDANGERED BREED ASSOCIATION 
 If you have not joined this much needed club, PLEASE do so as soon as possible. They need  all of our support. They are the ones fighting to save our dogs. Join this organization and you will be part of the solution to our problem. If we stick together we can save our breed.
                                     Remember extinction is forever.
                             They need our help.... and we need theirs.  


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