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 Here are two of the BEST WEIGHT PULLING KENNELS in the country. I chose them because they have both dedicated years to this sport. They also show their dogs so they are very competitive and are aways presenting a positive image of our breed to the public.



                                 Ofcourse... "they both use MIGHTY HARNESSES."




                    "BE R APBT'S KENNEL"  with Renee Teichmer

     Renee is a very accomplished dog woman....... she not only raises, shows and weight pulls her APBT's...... but she also is a licensed UKC weight pulling Judge. She has been involved with APBT's since 1985. She competes in ADBA and UKC with her Pit Bulls and has several that are dual Champions. They are show champions and they are weight pulling aces in both kennel clubs. She travels all over the US and Canada showing and pulling, and she always presents a positive image of our breed.

   These harnesses in the photos are now over 10 years old. They were made by Dustie Godwin. I took over Mighty Harness in 2000 from Gary and Dustie Godwin who created this one of a kind harness. I have continued to make them just as Dustie and Gary originally designed them. They are the strongest weight pulling harnesses on the market and they are made
to last. 

    Visit Renee's website for alot of awesome photos and interesting  information. She has been everywhere showing and weight pulling her dogs. It looked liked she has won showing under every Judge in ADBA. Thats not even counting the other kennels clubs.


                                                  "VICTORINO'S  KENNEL"

    This kennel produces some of the finest APBT's on the west coast. They are located at Kent in Washington state. The owners are Madelyn and Johnathen Victorino. They strive to make the best all around Pit Bull. Temperment being very high on their list of qualities but also, high drive, beauty, excellent health and the ability to do anything you want and do it better than the rest. They are both very active in showing and weight pulling their dogs and they are both UKC weight pulling Judge's. 
   They are very active in their community and have been a part of some awesome projects. They have a huge website with something to interest everyone go check them out at:


      I hope you have a look at both of these TOP WEIGHT PULLING KENNELS
                            You will be glad you did....Thank-you.....Brenda Shelby

                                                                            Brenda Shelby
                                                                       19300 Cornell Drive
                                                                        Newalla, OK. 74857
                                                                            (405) 579-6283