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Puppy Harness: (fits up to 20 lbs.) -$40.00  These harnesses are made with the
1" webbing.
They are balance tested and work just like the Original Mighty Harnesses do. This
is only in a 16" size which will fit a puppy up to 25lbs. They are all hand made and sewn with strong cotton wrapped nylon thread. They will pull as much as your puppy can pull. A must if you are going to start your puppy out early.

     I will make an even smaller harness. I have made them for as small as a 7 lb. Toy Fox Terrier.  (See photo below) So if you are wanting to get into pulling with any small (breed) dog I can can do that for you. Any size harness in the 1" webbing is $40.00.


                                                         This is a little minature pincher...  

                                                                 An 8lb. Toy Fox Terrier

       Embroidery your kennel or dogs name on your harness...
                                         Ask me how?




Small Mighty Harness   : (sizes to fit 25-45 lb. dogs) $40.00. There are 5 sizes in the small dog group from 17" to 21". All my harnesses regardless of their size are made with the same chest plate design. They increase 1" in the neck and 1/2" in the body... this allows me to fit every dog properly.
I make these out of the 1" webbing because a small built dog is just swallowed up by the 2" webbing harness. They have the same winning design as the larger ones but do not overwhelm your dog. They will pull as much weight as a dog this size can pull. I use industrial strength thread and I triple stitch all joints. It is balance tested to make sure all 4 straps are pulling with your dog and not against him. They come in sizes 17"- 20". Above 45 lbs. it's time to move up to the Original Mighty Harness. These are great for starting your smaller dogs out or just for keeping your dogs in good physical health.



       Do you have any questions right now? If so call me at
(405) 579-6283 or e-mail me at

                How to measure for a pulling harness



  Here is a more detailed example of how and where to measure your dogs neck
. You should allow your tape measure to sag and curve slightly. Remember you only need to do one side. We double the number you get and that is the size pattern I start with when I begin on your harness. Then I alter the pattern to your dogs measurements.

                        EXAMPLE: How to measure for the neck size of your harness.


                                  How to Order...
To determine which harness to order for your dog you would take your dog's weight and see which group it fits in.

 "Small" Dog Harness - Any harness made with the 1" webbing. This includes the puppy size harness also. You would want to order from this group if your dog weighs under 40 pounds.
Price: $40.00

"Original" Mighty Harness - Dogs that weigh from 40 lbs. to 95 lbs. would wear one of the sizes in this group. Sizes 21" up to a 30" will wear an Original in the 2" webbing.
Price: $60.00

"Large" Mighty Harness - Dogs that weigh between 100 lbs. to 145 lbs. fit in this group. These are also made with the 2" webbing and include
sizes 31" up to a 36".

"X-tra" Large Mighty Harness - All dogs that weigh over 145 lbs. go in this group. Sizes 37" and up made in the 2" webbing.
                                                           Price: $80.00

  "Double" Mighty Harness -
Is either the "Original",
"Large", or 
"X-tra" Large harness with the 1" webbing sewn on top of the 
2" webbing. You will add $20.00 on to the price of the harness your dog will wear.

                                     "Original"   $80.00
                                     "Large"       $90.00



 Original Mighty Harness : (sizes to fit 25-100 lbs.)-$60.00 . A strong competition harness is not adjustable. That is why I offer a full range of sizes in the 2" webbing. There are 14 different sizes between a 25lb. dog and a  100 lb. dog. Each size goes up 1" in the neck and 1/2" in the body. If I say a size 23" that means this harness has a 23" neck and your dog would probably weigh 50-55 lbs. There is a weight chart you can use as a guide...located further down on this page. Don't worry about what  to order I will help you pick the correct size.
   Mighty Harnesses are made out of 2" wide seat belt webbing. It can hold from 5000-7000 lbs. per linear yard. That is why it is used to protect us in our cars. I use industrial strength thread and triple stitch all joints. The back strap where your stick goes is 2 ply. Then I use soft thick Polartec synthetic fur for the padding. It covers all the parts of the harness that touches your dog. This insures there will be NO rubbing or sores made by my harness.  The spreader bar is a wide 16" and is attached with large washers to back up the screws so they will not tear the webbing. For your convenience, I put a D-ring on the back of the neck for easier handling. I use only heavy duty welded D-rings. It is balance tested to make sure all 4 straps are pulling as one. The chest plate is only on a Mighty Harness. It distributes the weight being pulled evenly across the chest instead of  just 2 straps cutting into their chest as they pull heavy weights. If your dog has a narrow chest I can adjust the chest plate to a smaller size to accommodate him. Of course any changes that you might want to make to the harness, I will customize it at no extra cost. My goal is for your dog to pull as much weight for you as he is physically able to. This is where it all started almost 20 years ago. This is the strongest most dependable harness made anywhere today. You could even pull your car with it.  Good luck!!!  

     "2-tone" color harness                  regular "1 color" harness                      " 2-tone" color harness

          You can have any two color combinations or the all one color like the
                                     middle harness in the photos above


                                                     Chilcutt's "Millie"                                         

               This is Bransen from Canada in a kelly green harness

                                Call for "Current" colors

Large Mighty Harness : (fits 100 lbs.- 149 lbs. )- $70.00. These are for dogs weighing between 105-150 lbs. Sizes 31" up to 35". Remember they increase 1" in the neck and 1/2" in the body. 

  They have the same great design just made for the larger dogs. They are balance tested and will work with your dog not against him. All 4 straps are taut not just hanging there. This makes all back straps and the side ones (that attach to the stick) pull equally. You really need this heavy well built harness for your BIG dog.
X-tra Large Mighty Harness : ( fits 150 lbs. and up )- $80.00
I'm sorry....but due to the amount of webbing and padding it takes to make these X-tra large harnesses I had to raise my price to $80.


                          This is Ralph in a very big
"X-tra Large Mighty Harness"

"Double" Mighty Harness:  add $20.00 (to any harness price)On this harness, I put 1" webbing (your choice of colors) on top of the 2" webbing. So it is actually two in one. These of course would be the strongest of the harnesses because it has twice the webbing that the regular ones have. I can put any 2 colors together for you. You can get as wild and different as you'd like. Make that one of a kind harness that no one else will have. 

                                 See the examples below:


            Examples of the "Double" harness


More examples of the "Double" harness. 

This is "Dozer" owned by Michael Jochem from Oklahoma
                                  wearing a "Double" harness and matching yard collar

Embroidery work is available again. Now $1 a letter.  Ask me how?        

You can look at the Chart below to determine what size harness your dog will wear.

   Weight Chart


     WEIGHT         SIZE      
     10-20 lbs.           16"-17"
     25-35 lbs.        18"-19"
     35-45 lbs.        20"-21"
     45-55 lbs.        22"-23"
     55-65 lbs.        24"-25"
     65-75 lbs.        26"-27"
     75-85 lbs.        28"-29"
     90-100 lbs.        30"-31"
    105-115 lbs.        31"-32"
    120-130 lbs.        33"-34"
             Please weigh your dog in order to fit him properly. Use the above
                               chart to determine the size he will wear.

   Walking Harness:
 (2" and 1" webbing  all sizes )- $30.00
  This is a harness just made for walking your dog . It is comfortable, light weight, padded and adjustable. It is made not to choke your dog as it puts any pressure exerted upon his chest. It is padded around the neck and where the harness goes between his front legs, so it will not rub or harm him in any way. See the photos below.  



                           This is "Dozer" from Oklahoma. He is owned by Michael Jochem

                  How to measure for a  " Walking Harness "



              The "Deluxe" Walking Harness is available now.......

What's new?  The Deluxe is made with only 2" seat belt webbing. The adjustable straps are now in the 2" web. With large heavy duty 2" buckles. I have also added a handle for those of you who do tracking or have service dogs. I have priced this at $40.00. Of course I will add any extra custom ideas that you have in mind to make it your own creation.


 This is one I made for a 11 lb. little girl named Sally. On this one she wanted the handle but not the buckles so I used velcro instead. She wanted it two colors so I made it purple and lavender.


       I will inform you of the colors available after your order is placed or you can
                 e-mail me or call 405-579-6283

                 Embroidery work is available again. New price $1 a letter.
                                              Ask me how....

                        International Customers:
I am sorry but due to the poor service with USPS I can NO longer guarantee delivery. I can not replace missing or lost items. If you want to order you can purchase the guaranteed service from USPS but it is not cheap. For 11 years they have not lost any of my orders but now they have lost 2 in the past month. The only other services are FEDX which is terrible and UPS they are good but very high.

 If you do not see what you want to order on the Paypal drop down menu you can talk me in person so I can help you through your order.                                                                        
                                     or call me at (405)579-6283.

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More of "My Products"


                                  More examples of Mighty Harnesses

                      "TOTAL PACKAGE"


"CHYNA STAR" is wearing one of the (Double) webbing harnesses it would be an additional $15 if included in the total package. The regular "Total Package" consists of a regular Mighty Harness, a matching yard collar and lead.

                           "Sampson" in a "Total Package"
lead is not in the picture

                                       Example of embroidery work...



                             Ask me about embroidery work? Please allow an extra
                                                  week for this work to be done.

Call   405-579-6283 or e-mail
                                                  for current color selection.


 If you don't see what you want on the Paypal drop down menu e-mail me at


          Or call me at:  405-579-6283. And I will send you an invoice for the
                        products you want. It also makes it easier.

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Mighty Harnesses All sizes
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Mighty Other Products
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                                     Still more of my "My Products" 



Yard Collars :  
These are extremely strong collars. They are 4 ply thick using seat belt webbing. The D-ring is placed 3" away form the buckle to not place any stress on it. This were designed with chained Pit Bulls in mind. If you have one that hits it hard this will keep the strain off of the buckle which will allow the collar to be in use a greater length of time. It also will cut down on the noise regular collars make when the buckle and the D-ring hit each other.


Here are Willow and Rocky

( a couple of satisfied customers)

          This is an example of my yard collars with embroidery 

  Show collars : $10.00
I make these collars out of a 1" webbing and they are 4 ply thick. I put the D-ring at the back of the dogs neck so that when you are in the show ring you do not need to constantly adjust your collar. The buckle being heavier keeps the collar down under the neck allowing you to always be ready when the judge looks your way.



Leads ( 4'-6') : $10.00
The leads are 4 ply thick and are made out of the 1" webbing. I can match them with the show collars. You have the choice of the ADBA 4' regulation size or up to 6". I will put fur inside the hand loop if you like.

                            I am now able to offer Embroidery work at $9 a word        
                        on 2" webbing and $7 on the 1" webbing. Ask me how...

                                            Example of a "Double" harness with embroidery              

                                                          Another example of embroidery:    


         Weigh-in strap:..................................$10.00
        Padding kit..........................................$5.00
        Breaking stick....................................$15.00

  To order and pay for your harness, I would prefer you use the Paypal below, if you need to send a money order or personal check make it out to
Brenda Shelby, 19300 Cornell Drive, Newalla, OK. 74857

     If you do not see what you want to order on the Paypal drop down menu please e-mail me at or call me at (405)579-6283 and I will send you a Paypal money request which will make your ordering Quick and Easy.


     Easy pay with "Paypal's" drop down menu below..

Mighty Harnesses All sizes
Dog breed the weight and age
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Mighty Other Products
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After ordering through Paypal please e-mail me as soon as possible. So we can discuss the color of harness you want and verify any custom work you want done. Thank-you..Brenda